What is Project Slingshot?

Project Slingshot is an ambitious joint venture supported by Government and industry to deliver a fleet of UK wide training aircraft that will allow future generations to gain real-world engineering experiences, further their STEM studies, and explore the incredible opportunities and career pathways available to them within aviation and aerospace.
There has never been a more important time to inspire, encourage, and enable the next generation to consider a career within aviation and aerospace. By using Project Slingshot as a catalyst to spark this interest we are committed to supporting their ambitions and future skill development.

Once complete, the aircraft will be used for further aircraft maintenance opportunities, air experience flights and the delivery of flying scholarships and bursaries provided by the Air League Trust. Over the lifetime of the project thousands of young people will benefit from the broad range of opportunities and careers pathways available.

Project partners

Through a unique collaboration between UK based and international suppliers working directly with education providers and veteran volunteers, Project Slingshot delivers unrivalled intergenerational learning opportunities, benefitting all participants, build partners and suppliers. 

Slingshot One

Slingshot One, the pilot aircraft build of the programme is currently being assembled across two sites in the Midlands and is funded by the Department for Transport and Boeing UK.

The Manufacturing Technology Centre

Royal Air Force Cosford

Specifications and Performance

0 ft
0 Kg
0 Kts
Cruise Speed
0 ft
Maximum Operating Altitude

Build Progress

Aston University Engineering Academy - RAF Cosford 85%
Aston University Engineering Academy - RAF Cosford​ 50%
The Manufacturing Technology Centre - Coventry​ 40%

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